At the heart of our citizenship identity is a business commitment to unify all of our pro-social efforts under a single idea: "Inspiring kids and families to create the future they imagine."  This identity – referred to as "Be Inspired" - is intended to represent our collective citizenship initiatives and increase the impact we can have on the communities we serve and the reputation of the company. 

We believe that in stories we find the imagination needed to envision a better tomorrow, and the inspiration to make that vision come true.  This belief guides how we act as a company, and how we strive to connect kids, families and friends – first with each other and then with the causes they care most passionately about. 

Together, we are more than the sum of our parts.  By inspiring others to join in and take action, we can truly create a better tomorrow.  A happier tomorrow.  A healthier tomorrow.  Where we are all driven to care for the world we share.


Prosocial Campaigns