DATG thrives on creative, inspiring storytelling. To foster this creativity, DATG partners with First Book for the “Magic of Storytelling” campaign. Together, we challenge Americans to share their love of reading with the children in their community. Through this campaign, Disney and First Book have donated millions of books to children in need, encouraging them to read and create the stories of tomorrow. This campaign is live January through March.

Great stories change lives, take kids to amazing places, grow their imaginations and teach them incredible things to prepare them for bright futures. Disney, ABC and First Book invite you to join the fifth annual Magic of Storytelling campaign through a number of activations between January 1 and March 31, including the Disney Reads Day on February 4.

Books take kids to amazing places, grow their imaginations, and prepare them for the future. Do you remember the magic of your first book? For 16 years, First Book and Disney have helped kids in need live happily ever after by providing new books to help them read, learn and succeed. Now you can give stories that change lives. Join First Book and Disney | ABC to help get one million books to kids across the country. Be inspired to share the magic of storytelling.  To find out how you can get books to kids in need in your community, go to www.magicofstorytelling.com
How can you participate?

1. DISNEY READS DAY: February 4th

Celebrate the Magic of Storytelling on Disney Reads Day - Saturday, February 4.  Disney Store's 180 U.S. locations, select retailers and participating organizations will be hosting family-friendly events and activities, including story time.  

Help make a difference in your community by inspiring kids to read by participating in a special story time event for Disney Reads Day at your local Disney Store! 

For each eligible book purchased by a consumer at a Disney Store location or other participating retailer locations on Disney Reads Day, February 4, 2017, First Book will direct a book donated by Disney, up to 1 million books, to an organization in a region where the purchase was made.  A full list of all Disney Store locations and participating retailers is available at www.magicofstorytelling.com.   

2. SOCIAL MEDIA SHELFIES: January 1–March 31

Share the Magic of Storytelling with your friends and followers on social media.

Take a shelfie - a photo with your favorite book or in front of a bookshelf - and post it using hashtag #MagicOfStorytelling on Twitter or Instagram.  Encourage others to share their love of books by sharing their shelfie.

For each shelfie posted on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #MagicOfStorytelling, First Book will direct a book donated by Disney to a child in need, up to 1 million books. (1 shelfie = 1 book)

Include the following tags in your social media post:

3. Enter the Sweepstakes - www.magicofstorytelling.com

Share the Magic of Storytelling with your child and a child in need! Go to www.magicofstorytelling.com.

With every Sweepstakes entry, Disney will donate a new book to a child in need through First Book. 

Grand Prize: Library of hundreds of books for your child's school and dozens of books for your own personal library at home.

Secondary Prizes: 5 Frozen Pop-up books by Matthew Reinhart.

*Level of books (elementary or middle) will be determined based on winner's preferred grade level.